About the Teacher


Caitlin Driscoll is a teacher with nine or so years of varied teaching experience. Currently she is a technology resource teacher for grades one through three at an elementary school in northeastern Ohio.

The Blog

This is my attempt at being more reflective. I originally tried keeping a journal, but as both the writer and the audience, I did not find it effective and did not write very regularly. When I shared my entries with my mentor teacher and received feedback, my attitude towards reflection changed. So now I publish my reflections, because even the idea that other people might read my writing affects my attitude towards writing and reflection. And the fact that I publish to the Internet means I think more carefully about the specific things I post. Additionally, participating with education-related communities on Twitter have also majorly impacted my reflections, for the positive.


Teacher Off Topic is a family-friendly podcast where a teacher answers interesting questions by kids with bad timing (and goes on other tangents).

It is not currently being updated. I just wanted to figure out how to do it in case I ever incorporate podcasting into the classroom!


Have a question or comment? Splendid! Email teacherofftopic@gmail.com!

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