School Week Round-Up: Twenty-Six

Lessons: I had the kind of week where the same lesson succeeded among some classes and bombed among others. I think I really need to start doing better differentiation for some of my more challenging groups of kids. They’re challenging because they have different needs and interests, and I need to make the effort to meet them where they are. This does not make them inherently worse students, and it doesn’t mean I don’t want to teach them. I don’t know why I felt like I needed the disclaimer. There’s something in me that needs to state it and read myself stating it.

Support: I’m struggling with a colleague’s request of me, not because it’s particularly difficult. It’s because I don’t see the point of it. She wants students to print out five or so pictures of their subjects for their timelines for the upcoming Wax Museum. (When she originally asked, I could have sworn she said three, not five.) I guess I don’t find printing out photos to be particularly impressive, and not a transformative use of technology in learning. It’s a lot of work for something that’s DOK 1. It would be more interesting for students to create their own — I think I just had an idea. Maybe there is still time!

Things I Did Well:
 I successfully kept all grizzly bears away from school, without resorting to the use of firearms at all!

Things I Will Do Better: I am challenging myself to differentiate better, which will involve more time-consuming and thoughtful prep.

Cold Prickly: Well, first let’s re-visit the issue of HB 49 from last week. Someone named Elizabeth from my house representative’s office did call me back, this past Tuesday. She and I talked about the bill and the overall political attitude towards teachers in the state. She said that she couldn’t speak to what the executive branch is thinking or feeling (as that’s the origin of the bill), but my rep doesn’t want externships to be burdensome for teachers renewing their licenses. She said another rep, Andrew Brenner of Delaware County (chair of the Education and Career Readiness Committee), planned to introduce an amendment speaking to the particular passage I asked about. I have also seen news coverage of people reacting to the passage; Elizabeth said it’s an issue their office has heard about from a lot of constituents.

So while I am partially reassured, I’m still guarded and feeling alert in regards to this. I will be paying attention.

Warm Fuzzy: Just thinking about our school nurse, our counselors, our climate specialists, our cafeteria aides, our bus drivers, our custodians, our parent volunteers, our community supporters… they do so much! They make such a big, positive difference in our school.


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