Old Dog Teaches Self New Tricks

My mother-in-law (Momil) recently turned seventy years old. She’s a retired teacher, ace grandma, community volunteer, and lifelong learner. She and my father-in-law (Dadil) have very different tastes in television programming, so she often watches shows after they’ve aired on network websites on her computer. My spouse and I thought it might be nice for her to be able to watch those on the TV screen, so we got her a Chromecast for a gift.

11971592541756651845theresaknott_gift-svg-medFirstly, I’ll state that we have a Chromecast at home and I love it. That’s why I thought Momil would enjoy having one. Additionally, I was confident I could set it up for her. After her birthday dinner, I tried to do just that, but it turned out that their wireless router was not strong enough to get its signal to their living room. So it did not get set up that night. The next time my husband went over there, he brought a signal booster that worked very well. (And now Dadil is excited that his laptop gets the signal where it couldn’t before.) He set up the Chromecast device for her using his phone (my in-laws have one flip phone that they share). But, she couldn’t get it working on her computer.

I had planned to go over shortly to help, but before I could, Momil figured it out on her own! By “on her own,” I mean using the tools available to her. She looked up tutorials on setting up Chromecasts and read through step by step until she realized her issue. She did not have Google Chrome, the browser, installed on her computer. She installed it, found the icon she was looking for, and blammo, she was able to play it on the television. She was so excited, and now can’t wait to share it with out-of-town relatives when they come to visit. She’s thinking that it will be so easy to share online content with everybody this way.

The moral of the story is, learning is not about the content, it’s about the process. You can always keep learning as long as you remember, and practice, how to learn.

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