School Week Round-Up: Week Twenty-One

Today I am actually taking a personal day, so I only made it through three days of a four day week. It feels like I’m taking a shortcut with this round-up.

Lessons: Third grade tried their hands at some simple animation using Google Slides this week. I left the assignment very open-ended; I did an example of a rain cloud but I made it clear that they could do whatever subject they wanted. The only real rule was that they couldn’t use Google Image Search.

I was blown away by their creativity.

Many students spent ages trying to make the screen manifest what they saw in their minds. Sometimes they asked me for help, and I couldn’t help them, sometimes because they couldn’t communicate their idea, sometimes because I didn’t know how to get them closer to their goal. They had to try new things; the situation necessitated it. For example, students couldn’t just grab Minecraft screenshots from Google Image search, so they tried creating their own Minecraft-style characters by manipulating shapes.



Other students happily rushed through, making simple animations, which was also perfectly serviceable. They understood the concept and fulfilled the prompt nicely; I had a sponge menu ready for them to choose an activity to soak up their extra time.

Support: Report cards go home today, so because I’m not there, I needed to print them by Thursday at the latest. It took entirely too long for the printer to cough them out. I restarted it once and it went a bit faster for a little while, but it soon slowed back down to a crawl. It really through off my other plans for my time, and I stayed quite late to get it done. Ugh.

Things I Did Well: 
I think this week’s lessons were more engaging for me and for students alike. Hard to teach a lesson when you yourself find it boring…

Things I Will Do Better: Oh my gosh. I print so rarely that I take it for granted what a pain it is. I appreciate that more about my colleagues after today, how one printer not working or going slowly can throw you totally off your timetable. So, short term, try to keep printers up and running. But long term? There’s gotta be something I can do to bring about the end of our tree-killing culture.

Cold Prickly: I didn’t actually walk to school at all this week. One day was really rainy, which is more bothersome to me than snow and ice because my boots soak up the wet. The next day, I had a midday meeting in another building I needed to be able to drive to. And Thursday, I simply did not get ready with enough time to walk, so I am pretty disappointed in myself for that.

Warm FuzzyPersonal day! A little more time to myself, and I have to admit, my bed feels extra comfy lately… zzzzz…..

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