School Week Round-Up: Week Sixteen

I keep intending to write posts during the week, about a variety of topics. And I’ll start. I just don’t finish. So I have something like thirty half-done drafts. I need to work on my follow-through, or on writing conclusions, or both.


Lessons: We had our winter holiday concert this week, and we practiced in the gym during several of my regularly scheduled classes. So, lesson planning and lesson teaching were on the light side this week. But, that also meant I felt a little free-er to try some resources out with students without feeling like I needed them to work perfectly well. Also, I did Hour of Code with some classes (specifically Candy Quest, with most students) and it was, well… it was extremely chill. It’s normal in my room for kids to talk and ask one another for help and be out of their seats within reason, but for whatever reason, when they were doing Hour of Code, it was the quietest my lab has ever been outside of i-Ready time. And i-Ready time is quiet because we enforce quiet at those times; not so with Hour of Code. Kids were still out of their seats and talking with one another, just… more quietly than they usually are. Maybe they were really tired from the concert.

Support: So, I really like our new tech guy, John. Maybe it’s because he’s married to a teacher and is therefore not unfamiliar with our trials, but he strikes me as super not-judgey and really willing and able to suss things out in my style, even if it might be more time-consuming and less convenient on his end. Yesterday we had and email back and forth where we were trying to figure out why a particular desktop… well, it was doing this:

Mysterious, no? We went back and forth, trying to remote him in, though in doing so I realized this only happened when a particular student logged in. So the easiest solve? Switch the student’s seat. It doesn’t happen when he logs into other computers, so whatevs! A delightfully non-technological way to solve a technological problem. (Although John did come back and make it so the computer stopped doing the flashing thing, in the end.)

Things I Did Well: 
Pretty proud of the video I made to play during the holiday concert, during a transition time when students were getting on the stage behind a closed curtain.

Things I Will Do Better: I fell asleep halfway through the district’s weekly Twitter chat. I… should make sure I get more sleep.

Cold Prickly: I missed a PLC meeting because the coverage I had arranged fell through at the last minute. Shucks.

Warm FuzzyWe hosted a program called Donuts for Dads yesterday. We had donuts, we had dads, what more could you ask for in life?

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