Book It! Making Reading Material for Class

Hey, look what I found while cleaning my closet the other day!



This is a book I made a long time ago. This is twenty-two years old? Holy moly. Maybe I need to clean more often.


I remember this assignment coming up a few times during my grade school (and even high school) years. I loved making books for class. Every part of it was appealing to me. I loved writing out the story, and creating illustrations, and using contact paper to laminate everything.

(Can you see in the photos how crazy I got with the contact paper? That’s probably why this book has lasted so long.)

Part of the reason I bring this up is because in the ITERS and ECERS scales, in the section regarding books, it is clear how important having a diversity of topics, characters, and styles are when assessing classrooms. However, when schools and day cares have limited budgets, it can be difficult to hit all of these marks.

Just like I have difficulty coloring within the lines, apparently.


But I digress. The point I’m trying to make is this: it can be much easier to make what your classroom needs, instead of trying to find it. When making their own books, children can write about the topics that interest them, and create characters whose experiences can reflect their own. Alternately, they can get as imaginative as they want, and come up with fantastic characters, settings, and plotlines, to show off their creativity.

Or, in my case, my burgeoning sense of sarcasm.


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