The Power of Patty Compelled Me

At a recent family event, several of my sisters were discussing how much they enjoy raunchy sitcom Broad City. “I don’t like it,” my eighteen-year-old brother said, “but I understand it wasn’t made for me.”

“What do you mean?” I asked him.

“I’m not the target audience,” he explained. “So it doesn’t really matter whether I like it or not. I’m a young, white male. A lot of things out there are made with me in mind. Broad City doesn’t have to be made for me, too. Clearly, it was made for my sisters.”

Which brings me to my thoughts on the latest Ghostbusters movie.


I understand that many people have emotional attachments to the Ghostbusters franchise of the eighties. I recognize that those feelings may complicate one’s experience with a new Ghostbusters movie. I acknowledge that the new Ghostbusters movie has some flaws.

But. But. But. The way I feel about this movie is the opposite of how my brother feels about Broad City. I feel like this movie was made specifically for me, and I love it for that.

I have felt this way about Paul Feig movies before. Bridesmaids made me laugh and resonated with me on an emotional level. Spy made me feel like, well, I had been spied on, because not only did it include fantastic British comedienne Miranda Hart (of Miranda and Call the Midwife), it also included one of the most over-the-top acts of recent Eurovision Song Contest history. Literally every other American I know who has any knowledge of the Eurovision Song Contest has it because I told them.

For this movie, Paul Feig must have asked himself, “What specifically will make that one crazy Midwestern schoolteacher nerd like my next movie even more? Oh, I know – I’ll include her favorite SNL cast members, and especially let Kate McKinnon be super weird and really awesome!”

And that did it for me.

I loved it. Sorry if you don’t. But, clearly, it was made for me.

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