Mother’s Day Struggle

Happy Mother’s Day.

You know, if it applies to you.

Not everyone feels the same way about Mother’s Day, the way it’s portrayed in commercials — uniformly euphoric and feely-goody. Even its founder flip-flopped on it. Many people face this holiday with a heavy heart, for whatever reason.


I feel like rebelling against the one-size-fits-all Mother’s Day. It’s one reason I’m relieved to be a “specials” teacher and not a homeroom teacher — I am under less pressure to observe holidays. On the other hand, we work with kids, so generally we are teaching them to appreciate their mothers or other female figures in their lives. Goodness knows that those who do invisible work deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated, and that in the “traditional” nuclear family, much of that falls on Mom’s shoulders.

So, Happy Mother’s Day, to those who have children, who raise children, who protect children, who nurture children. Happy Mother’s Day to those who have good memories of and with their mothers, even if they mingle with bad ones. Happy Mother’s Day.

And for those of us that struggle on this and other “special” days, let’s take care of ourselves. Let’s make room for our grief and encourage one another and remember that tomorrow is another day.

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