Yesterday Was a Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. And I wanted to write about it, because last week I was feeling pretty down about teaching. (I find it a little demoralizing to give standardized tests.)

But yesterday was fun. It was many of the things that make this career feel like a good and worthwhile choice.

First, it was May the 4th – “Star Wars Day.” I came in wearing leggings emblazoned with the Star Wars logo down the leg — they were XL child size, because I am an XL child. They were surprisingly comfortable. I also wore a Darth Vader mask and cape and played the Imperial March from my phone. Even the kids who didn’t understand why I was acting this way really got a kick out of it.

My morning announcements crew also ran with the theme.

And it’s entirely possible that I repeated this joke a few dozen times.

Then, I submitted a flyer for approval to distribute through the schools. I’m trying to start a 4-H club in my city. There are 4-H clubs in the rural areas that surround our city, but not one within the city itself. I am hoping to do this because I was in 4-H as a kid. I didn’t do any livestock or stereotypically “country” projects. I did mostly sewing and creative arts. These days 4-H also has a lot of STEM projects students could try. My point is, 4-H is not just for country kids. It’s a way for students to extend learning throughout the summer through projects that involve choice and self-determination. There are also scholarships and other opportunities open to students who do 4-H, and I want the kids in my school district to have access to that.

Anyway, my point is, my flyer got approved so I’ll hopefully get that out to the schools late this week or by next Monday. It feels like a really concrete step forward. (It is too late to sign up for competitive judging with 4-H projects, but I actually find this a relief – some of the pressure is off and we can focus on building the club itself.) It feels good to feel like I’ve accomplished something, even though it means there is much more work to be done still.

Yesterday I also had students working on an endangered animals research project, but that took some interesting turns that I think merits its own post. Stay tuned!

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