How I’m Using Twitter Lately

The way I use Twitter has changed significantly in the past few months.

When I started, I thought it was for making pithy remarks and thoughtful observations, because many of the accounts I follow make pithy remarks and thoughtful observations. But it’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself, to try and by pithy and thoughtful all the time. So that’s not my goal anymore.

Instead, I’ve been using Twitter like how some people use Pinterest. I tweetbirds-md out links that I find interesting and want to be able to find later. Retweeting is especially good for this, too, because many of the accounts I follow use Twitter similarly. As a caveat though, I’ve never really gotten into Pinterest.

I also use Twitter like virtual post-it notes. If someone says something interesting irl*, I tweet it (in quotation marks, credit given if possible). That way I know where to find it if I want to refer back to it.

I also started a Twitter account for a group focused on the education about, fundraising for, and renovation of a unique local landmark. Except, somehow it’s become from the point of view of the landmark. I mean, no one told me no? I’m trying to build a social media presence for it, so that when this group starts an online fundraiser later on this year, it won’t be coming out of left field. So I asked my younger sister for some advice — she works as a social media manager of some kind. (Ugh, millenials.) Here is a summary of her advice:

  1. Pay attention to your analytics to find out what days, and what times of day, your audience is most responsive.
  2. Follow and retweet accounts that could be related, such as local businesses, other historical societies, people who restore old buildings or do other things close to our group’s goal. Retweet and promote other people’s content because social media is social.
  3. People like photos and pictures.
  4. Be a real person as much as possible, so people don’t think you’re a bot.

I definitely paraphrased my sister, but hopefully I did her some justice. And hopefully this helps me do some justice to the subject of my social media volunteering.

*A third grader asked me today whether I knew what “irl” meant, and was gobsmacked that I knew it meant “in real life.” ROFL.

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