Intense Holidays for Teachers

It probably differs by culture and region, but I think the hardest holidays for teachers where I am are Halloween and Valentine’s Day. They are sugar-intensive, involve class parties or other in-school celebrations, and varying levels of participation from parents — something that can help or hinder, depending!

That doesn’t mean these holidays are all bad. If you keep your wits about you, you might even find yourself enjoying them. I enjoyed our school’s Halloween parade, seeing all the kids in costume. I enjoyed our school’s Valentine dance, which was actually an after school event; I liked when kids did the Cupid Shuffle with me.

I also got some Valentines from kids. These were two of my favorites:


Our first graders use the standard school account, “pabc,” instead of their own usernames or passwords to log into computers in the lab. So I shouldn’t have been surprised that I got a Valentine addressed like this…


Second graders recently did projects on Google Drive. When sharing with me, I told them they only needed to type “dri” to find me (my surname is Driscoll). This kid proved that doesn’t just work for our Google accounts…

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