Wednesday Website: Print Friendly

As the technology resource teacher in my building, I spend more time with the printers than many other people in the building. Thing is, I’m almost never printing. I’m mostly changing toner or trying to undo a

A big frustration I have is just how much we print. Yes, we need all sorts of worksheets and tests and handouts and study guides and homework pages and so on. The things that really annoy me are when we print out websites.

Not every website is designed to print. They’re designed to be viewed on a screen, not a piece of paper. It’s not their fault. But how to handle it when you just need a hard copy?

Try using Print Friendly. It whittles down the website to the bare bones – ads, links, images, comments, social media icons gone. I entered in a long, listed article to test it out, and I could even click on a paragraph to delete it from the final page. I bet that would be useful if you just want to use excerpts from online news articles to use when discussing current events. You also don’t have to print – you can save the file as a PDF, or send it in an email. And you don’t have to go back to the website every time you have something to print – there’s an extension available for the Google Chrome browser.

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