Friday Five Favorites: Songs

12456933691942977095jeronimo_audio-cassette.svg.medSo here are five of my favorite songs right now. They are not my five favorite songs, they are five of my favorite songs. “Favorite songs” is a category simply too much in flux — I swear it changes day to day. Plus, some of them are not appropriate for listening to when kids are around. The following five songs pass the classroom test.

Starting with…

What Makes the Breakfast? by Mike Phirman

This is my favorite song to share out right now. It’s fun, it’s bouncy, it’s frequently hilarious. It’s like coffee for your ears (appropriate for a song about breakfast).

We Are Giants featuring Dia Frampton by Lindsey Sterling

I imagine transforming into a magical Sailor Moon-style super-teacher whenever this song plays.

Wonderful Everyday: Arthur by Chance the Rapper featuring The Social Experiment

You can download it free on Soundcloud here.
Chance the Rapper helped my heart this past weekend when he performed “Sunday Candy” with The Social Project on Saturday Night Live last weekend. It’s a wonderful song, but it’s got some themes that you might not want to bring up with some age groups (unless “tweaking” is one of your spelling words that week). But it did bring their cover of the Arthur  theme song back into my mind. The original rap chorus they bring in towards the end is my favorite part.

Drag Me Down by One Direction

Would you like to launch One Direction to the moon? With proper training and equipment, of course.

“The Schuyler Sisters” from the musical Hamilton

This is the song to hear if you’re looking for a mind at work. Broadway smash Hamilton is will likely be moving into social studies classrooms soon. Though, many of the songs mention war and swears and maybe some other themes we tend to sanitize out of our schoolbooks. (Doesn’t mean they didn’t exist in history, though!) I chose this song because it’s like Destiny’s Child learned how to time travel. “‘We hold these truths to be self-evident/That all men are created equal/And when I meet Thomas Jefferson/I’m ‘a compel him to include women in the sequel!'”

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