Friday Fun Time

When I was a kid, I was an ace daydreamer. I liked to imagine what would happen if my own personal gravity was turned off, and I could float around a room like an astronaut on the space station. I liked to think about how I would navigate my way around my school and my home. I imagined that a friend or sibling would have to hold onto my ankle when going outside so I wouldn’t drift off like a balloon.

Daydreams serve one well during standardized testing week, at least if you’re the administrator. AS the administrator, you’re meant to be “actively monitoring,” which basically means you walk around the room and watch students take a test. You can sit for “short periods” but you cannot grade papers, plan lessons, or do anything on an electronic device (for a non-test reason). So however you may feel about standardized testing politically or philosophically, I think most of us will agree that it is very, very, very boring.

Which is why I’m glad I honed my daydream skills as a child. I can retreat to my no-gravity wonderland in the garden of my mind for little bits at a time as I roam around the room and try not to examine students’ tests too closely (because according to the manual, that’s not okay either). I can wonder which historical figures, living or dead, would make the most entertaining contestants on Dancing with the Stars (I have a suspicion Albert Einstein would have been surprisingly spry.) I quiz myself on poems I’ve been trying to memorize. (I say poems, but we all know what I really mean is cheesy rap songs from the nineties.)

This year I found myself giving the test to a very small group in a very small room — so small, in fact, that I couldn’t pretend to be a slow motion Olympic speed skater, as one blogger suggests. (It was a carpeted room, though, so I did map out the route a Roomba might take in my head.) But I guess I needed something active without being overly energetic. So, I started tiny dancing.

I just want Elton John to hold me closer.

Of course, the video is a reenactment. Even that much vigor would have been too much distraction for the testing room. (Plus, no non-test related tasks on electronic devices, rememeber?) But I did enjoy challenging myself to try and perform the litany of dance moves in Silentó‘s “Watch Me” using only my fingers.

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