Twitter, Beginner Level

So after reading Alice Keeler’s post on how to change one’s Twitter handle, I decided to change my Twitter handle. I really was quite easily convinced. I had been trying to develop two Twitter accounts and, after reading her list of considerations, I decided to simplify.

My older Twitter handle is now @teacherofftopic. I will use the Twitter account formally known as @teacherofftopic to squat some other related handle.

I am of the generation that completely overthought a screenname, and I used at least four different ones over the decade in which I was addicted to AOL Instant Messenger. I can remember most of them, and they’re like archaeological eras of my life. Each name had meaning for me and reflected the biggest influences and interests of my life at the time. So it’s hard to wrap my mind around an identity that I want to use going forward. Names mean a lot to me for some reason, so picking one and sticking to it is a big thing for me.

Now let’s see just how much I get the hang of Twitter. My intent is to reach some sort of intermediate level of savvy by OETC.

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