Practice Makes Perfect Show Notes

Show Notes for Practice Makes Perfect.

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I mentioned the following in the podcast episode. I am not at all being paid to advertise for these. I cited them because I enjoy them and they were relevant to the topic being discussed.

Scheduling Change

The school year has begun! During my last non-school week of summer, I tried to do a new podcast episode every day, and I reached that goal. I did that just in case the start of the school year proved hectic and time-consuming. Which it did. Just like every year. As a result, I am making a scheduling change.

Instead of doing a podcast weekly, I will try to commit to every two weeks. I will try to produce and post new episodes every other Sunday. When we have school breaks, I will challenge myself to do extra episodes as well.

We’ll see if this works out!

Cheers! And thanks for listening.


The Fairy Tale Magic Complaint Department – Podcast

Length: 4:48

Five fractured fairy tales, cobbled together. In a perfect world, the voice of the Fairy Tale Magic Complaint Department would have been Kristen Schaal, and I would have been able to pay her oodles of money. Oh well.

Check to see the show notes. Email if you have a question you’d like answered.

The Fairy Tale Magic Complaint Department – Show Notes

Show Notes for The Fairy Tale Magic Complaint Department.

I fractured the following fairy tales:


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A berry nutty episode! Show Notes

Show Notes for A berry nutty episode!

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